The Imarisha Naivasha Water Stewardship Program

In 2013, as part of International Water Stewardship Programme (IWaSP) activities in Kenya, GIZ partnered with Imarisha Naivasha, the Water Resources Management Authority (WRMA )and the 12 Water Resources Users Associations of the Lake Naivasha Basin to form the Imarisha Naivasha Water Stewardship Project (INWaSP). The long term objectives of the Imarisha Naivasha Water Stewardship Partnership are the implementation of measures to improve water quality and the increase of reliable and sustainable access to water for all users in the basin. WRMA is responsible for managing, regulating and conserving water resources, ensuring stakeholder participation and enhancing equitable allocation of water. As part of its contribution, WRMA provided technical advice to the WRUAs as well as training in governance, finance and management topics. With its long track record of public sector capacity-building in Kenya, GIZ supports Imarisha in its efforts to coordinate the overall partnership. 

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