Imarisha/GIZ hands over water project to Kahiga Primary School


School children at Kahiga Primary School will now enjoy better sanitation thanks to a rainwater harvesting project commissioned by Imarisha Naivasha and the German Development Cooperation (GIZ) at the institution on April 7.

The project, which consists of two water tanks and handwashing/watering bays with a combined capacity to deliver 32,000 litres of water, will enable the children to access water for cleaning and drinking for improved school cleanliness and better personal hygiene.

Speaking during an official handover ceremony at the school, Imarisha CEo, Kamau Mbogo, told parents and teachers that the project was meant to benefit the school and surrounding community.

“We have now handed over the project to you so that it might benefit you and your children. What we are asking is that you put in place proper mechanisms to ensure that the water is accessed equitably by members of the community,” he said.

The CEO exhorted the parents to contribute towards regular maintenance of the facility, noting that it would benefit them for years to come.

The water harvesting project is part of the Imarisha Naivasha Water Stewardship Project (INWaSP), which is a joint initiative of Imarisha Naivasha and GIZ and whose second phase has been funded to the tune of KShs.20 milllion.

Officials from Imarisha Naivasha and GIZ graced the ceremony, which was also attended by parents and teachers from the school. Kahiga Primary School is in Lower Malewa and has a population of over 200 pupils.

Head Teacher John Ngugi lauded the two organizations for commissioning the rainwater harvesting project, noting that, thank to the water tanks, access to water in the water stressed area would be improved, which would also improve health outcomes for school children in the area.

“This project has greatly improved health outcomes for children in this area. The number of children falling ill has reduced, which means that more of them are attending classes and studying. We are enjoying improved performances in class because the water issue has been resolved,” he said.

The head teacher said that, previously, the school children had to travel for long distances to fetch water from River Malewa, but now had water well within reach thanks to the water tanks. He added that more of them were washing their hands after visiting the toilets, leading to better health outcomes for the children.


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