Imarisha team out for bonding session

Laughter, fun and games marked Imarisha Naivasha’s staff team-building outing held at the Lake Naivasha Resort grounds on Saturday, June 13 2015.

A series of daunting physical and mental exercises tested the mettle of participants who were drawn into two teams of seven and six as they tried to best each other in different games.

Singing games, a blindfolded tug-of-war, tests of concentration and rolling a marble down a channel were some of the myriad mind games and physical tests that Byron, the trainer, had in his neat bag of tricks to confound and shell shock the ill prepared participants.

The highlight of the day, whose theme Byron had aptly christened “the transformation of the eagle”, was a team event in which participants were expected to lift bucketfuls of water high into the air using their feet.

That particular event, while leaving all involved screaming in laughter, also left many soaked to the skin…some more than others!

Participants also took home some vital lessons on communication and conflict resolution in the workplace, with a particular exercise leaving participants in stitches…and lots of knowing winks!

First, participants were asked to form a circle. Next, the trainer whispered something into the ears of one of the participants and instructed him to pass on the message round the circular human chain until it got to the source.

The whispered message passed from one ear to the next in muted tones and was only revealed after it had reached the source.

Wonder of wonders, when the first person was asked to reveal what had been whispered back to him by the last person, the message had been completely distorted!

This led to another round of guessing games as everyone tried to identify the point at which the initial message got…uhm, lost in translation!

Lesson: for effective communication in the workplace, avoid gossip and innuendo. Everything has to be written down for future reference!!!

At the end of the day, everyone had loads of fun and some vital lessons were learnt. The Imarisha team is looking forward to the next team-building session.

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