Imarisha Naivasha

Imarisha Naivasha Board members and management team at the Elementaita Country Lodge during a governance training workshop on June 23, 2015

The Imarisha Lake Naivasha Management Board was created through Gazette notice No. 5368 on 20 May, 2011 to manage the Lake Naivasha Catchment Restoration Programme with the aim of restoring Lake Naivasha and its catchment. The Imarisha Naivasha Board was specifically mandated to:

  • Develop a programme (“The Imarisha Naivasha Programme”) to coordinate the activities of various players engaged in the conservation of the lake and its catchment by reviewing and approving projects
  • Monitor compliance with the laws and regulations governing the environment of the Lake and its catchment in collaboration with the relevant Government ministries
  • Develop and enforce codes of conduct to be observed by the players in order to Improve the environment and establish sustainability of the Lake and its catchment in partnership with the relevant stakeholders
  • Develop, adopt and execute a Trust or other instrument to receive financial resources from within or outside Kenya to finance the implementation of programmes and assume direct responsibility for prudent management and liability for any losses incurred
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders, including research institutions, and promote their active participation in the Imarisha Naivasha Programme
  • Report on a quarterly basis to the Interministerial Technical Committee and seek guidance on policy and technical issues from the Committee
  • Perform any other tasks as requested by the Inter-Ministerial Technical Committee

The Imarisha Naivasha Board constitutes representation from national and county government, community groups and the private sector comprised of commercial horticulture and other business in the Basin. Imarisha Naivasha’s mandate is to manage a restoration programme aimed at ensuring the environmental sustainability of Lake Naivasha and its catchment. Its activities are guided by the five-year Sustainable Development Action Plan (SDAP), which is a document that is based on consultations and participatory processes to build on existing planning efforts in the Basin. The SDAP outlines in details the overall monitoring and coordination roles of Imarisha Naivasha and the resources (management, capacity building and finances) it requires to execute its mandate.

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