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Imarisha Naivasha staff during a team building exercise at the Lake Naivasha Resort on June 13, 2015


The Imarisha Lake Naivasha Management Board is constituted of representation from key Government ministries, Commercial Flower Growers, Water Resource Users, Forest Resource Users, Beach Management Units, Pastoralists, Civil Society organizations that operate within the basin.
Imarisha Naivasha is a management with overall mandate and responsibility for coordination and not an implementing agency. Project implementation will be undertaken by other organizations operating in the Basin. The organizations will be required to present their projects/programs to Imarisha for adoption and will provide progress reports to the Imarisha. Hence, elaborated Imarisha key functions include:
1. Convening power/authority—All NRs management institutions (GoK sectors) convened to review policies / legislations to be in conformity with the new Kenyan Constitution. Bring all key stakeholders together for the review that is important for Integrated NRs management and sustainable development in the basin.
2. Establishing an enabling environment in the basin (NGOs, CBOs, CSOs, Private sector, GoK) for Networking, collaboration, conflict resolution and harmonization of various interests as well as linkages with the County and National governments as well as at global levels
3. Undertaking advocacy at all levels for the right actions on policies, legislation, good practice, standards, resource allocation and decision making
4. Promoting open information sharing systems through establishment of information depository center (Database and Information) to support communication, debates and discussions, networking, dissemination and accessibility to all stakeholders.
5. Imarisha Naivasha is an institutional arrangement with Gate Keeper authority – to ensure transparency, accountability and that things are done right by Private sector, GoK, Communities, CSOs, CBOs, Resource users and all stakeholders
6. Bench marking sustainable development standards-and codes of conducts and ethics on natural resource sectors
7. Adopting projects and programs being implemented or proposed and developing strategies for coordination and delegation in consultation with stakeholders.
8. Monitoring and evaluation of all projects and programs being implemented in the basin to ensure sustainable development and compliance to Imarisha Vision.
9. Mandate given by the Lake Naivasha Stakeholders and endorsed by Government of Kenya institutions in the Gazette Notice.

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