The Imarisha Naivasha programme is a public-private sector-community-driven initiative to ensure environmental sustainability and development within the Lake Naivasha catchment. It is a unique initiative of the Government of Kenya to tackle the degradation of the Lake Naivasha catchment, ensure sustainable environmental management, and secure investments and community livelihoods. Activities within the Imarisha Naivasha programme are based on the five-year Sustainable Development Action Plan (SDAP), whose four expected outcomes are;
  • Lake Naivasha and its riparian zone are protected and managed according to “wise use” principles and demonstrating measureable ecosystem restoration and resilience,
  • Land use and management in the catchment contribute to sustainable development and climate change resilience,
  • Improve the capacity of water resource institutions and mechanisms to regulate water use, improve community access to clean water and sewerage
  • Imarisha Naivasha recognized and functioning effectively as the coordinating institution for Lake Naivasha Basin restoration, wise use and sustainable development 
The SDAP is a priority action plan of the Lake Naivasha Basin Integrated Management Plan (LNBIMP), which is the overarching framework for conservation and sustainable management within the Lake Naivasha Basin. The LNBIMP and the SDAP were developed through wider stakeholders’ participation and consultations to build consensus. Since the inception of the programme in May 2011, Imarisha Naivasha has initiated diverse project activities towards realizing its mandate. Imarisha Naivasha has been able to improve the fisheries infrastructure at the Lake Naivasha Fish Landing sites through a special grant to the Beach Management Units (BMUs) for improvement of fish handling facilities and other infrastructure. Imarisha Naivasha and the German International Development Co-operation (GIZ) have spearheaded the implementation of the Imarisha Naivasha Water stewardship Project (INWaSP),  a co-funded project between Imarisha Naivasha through financial support from UK retailers (ASDA, Sainsbury, TESCO, Mark & Spencer) and the GIZ International Water Stewardship Programme. The collaborating partners in the implementation of INWasp are GIZ, Imarisha, the 12 water Resources Users Associations (WRUAs) in the Bain, Water Resources management Authority (WRMA) and Naivasha Sustainability Initiative NBSI.  
Members of the Imarisha Naivasha Board and management team in a group photo during a training workshop on governance and leadership at the Elementaita Country Lodge on June 23, 2015
The overall objective of the project is to improve water stewardship through restoration of Lake Naivasha basin by undertaking tree planting, water and soil conservation, development of appropriate water infrastructure, training and capacity building, promotion of modern innovations and adaptability to climate change. In partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Imarisha Naivasha has supported several community groups to undertake rehabilitation of forests   , degraded areas and promote on-farm forestry. These community based organizations have planted over 3,000,000 tree seedlings within the forest reserves, on riparian land around the lake, and in adjacent farmlands. Imarisha Naivasha, WWF and five other partners have secured a grant from the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to implement the four-year Integrated Water Resources Action Plan (IWRAP). Imarisha’s mandate in IWRAP is to implement result area geared towards enhancing its capacity to undertake its role as the coordinating body of all conservation and development activities within the basin.
Imarisha Naivasha envisions a Lake Naivasha Basin where all developments and economic activities are undertaken in a sustainable manner for the benefit of current and future generations. Imarisha is committed to the principle of collaboration espoused under the Public-Private sector-People partnership.

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